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ICEpower – your turnkey solution provider

Our broad portfolio of high quality market proven amplifier power modules, enable us to quickly and cost effectively develop custom modules, DSP based speaker backplates or complete box build products. This can be done either on a turnkey basis where ICEpower develops and manufactures the complete solution, or it can be a joint development, where the customer or a 3rd party develops parts of the design. Our strong Danish engineering team and our competitive sourcing and manufacturing setup in Thailand means we can offer Danish quality engineering combined with Asian cost.

Custom modules

We have developed customized solutions for a wide range of applications. In some cases we have customized existing amplifier modules, in other cases we have done full custom designs. Depending on the preference of the customer, we can either manufacture the custom module for you, or you can manufacture it yourself on a license basis.

DSP speaker backplates

Our amplifier power modules are the perfect solution for great sounding active speakers. If you don’t have the time or resources to develop the complete speaker backplate, we can help you with that. We have the capabilities of developing DSP solutions internally on a turn key basis, and we also have partnerships with several DSP specialist companies in both Asia, Europe and America that we can work with on a joint development basis.

Box build

We offer to develop and manufacture complete box build projects, such as rack amplifiers and hifi amplifiers. We can do this at a competitive cost with a short time to market as we leverage our proven, high quality amplifier power modules. Reducing rack space is valuable both in commercial and residential installations. The compactness and efficiency of ICEpower’s technology enables packing significantly more power in a much smaller space with less heat dissipation. As a benefit, the sound quality of ICEpower solutions fulfill even the most demanding applications.

With our existing amplifier power modules, we can create rack amplifiers from 2 to 16 channels, from 50W to 1200W per channel, typically in a 1U rack height.

Come together

If you lack the internal development resources for taking on all the projects and concepts you have on the roadmap, ICEpower can act as an external development and manufacturing partner. Our Danish engineering team and wide range of proven amplifier power modules combined with a competitive manufacturing setup in Asia enables us to provide innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices.

World-class expertise

With extensive resources and a strong team of engineers, we have deep expertise across the entire signal chain. From class D amplifiers to switch mode power supplies to mechanical design, digital signal processing, regulations and approvals and new product introduction.

We understand that no two customers or projects are the same. We are therefore flexible in our approach to collaboration. We can work with you on an end-to-end turnkey basis, where we develop and manufacture the complete solution or we can do joint development, where either you or a 3rd party develops parts of the product.

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