Cutting edge technology

Looking for high power and excellent audio quality for your amplifier? The ICCx platform is the technology of choice for market leaders in the audio industry. It is also the core technology of most of ICEpower’s amplifier modules. ICCx features technologies enabling superior sound quality and state-of-the-art efficiency.

ICCx – it’s simply the best

ICCx consist of two IC’s – the ICC1 controller and the ICC3 gate driver. It is a powerful and flexible platform for creating reliable amplifiers with high power and excellent audio quality. Besides being the core technology of most of ICEpower’s standard amplifier power modules, ICCx is used in custom designs by several industry leaders in applications including professional audio, consumer high-end audio and automotive.

In combination, the two ICCx chipsets enable implementation of class D amplifiers with a broad output power range of 30-500W per channel in single ended (SE) configuration or 100-2000W with bridge tied load (BTL) configuration.

Audio performance

ICCx is based on patented ICEpower analog feedback and modulation technology, enabling best in class audio performance. The ICCx can implement ICEpower COM/MECC, HCOM and DualLoop3 topologies.


Implementing a new output stage drive technology, the designs based on ICCx are able to reach state-of-the-art efficiency (95-96% in 8 ohm loading) and idle power consumption (<1W).

Protection features

Reliability and robustness is paramount for successful products. The ICCx therefore implements several protection features for avoiding failure in typical overload scenarios. This includes cycle-by-cycle over current protection of the output MOSFET’s, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, thermal protection and output filter/ Zobel protection.


The ICCx has been used successfully by ICEpower in several popular ICEpower audio power modules, including the ASX Series, 150ICEtheater7, ICEmatch and 700AS1/2. Furthermore, we have created custom solutions for automotive applications, professional audio applications, home theater applications and hifi consumer products.

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