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Ultimate design freedom

As an ICEpower customer you can design your own solutions based on our Audio IC’s (integrated circuits). To simplify and speed up your design process, we can provide you with reference designs as well as application support by our experienced team of R&D engineers.

ICEpower Audio IC’s are flexible technology platforms for implementing high performance, high power, reliable class D amplifier designs, cost effectively. Our class D Audio IC’s are the cornerstone of our standard amplifier power modules. Therefore, we have extensive and deep application expertise when it comes to designing with our IC’s. In other words, you can say that we take our own medicine.


ICEpower – experts in class D amplifiers

ICEpower has developed more than twenty class D amplifier IC’s for a wide range of applications. This includes mobile phones, automotive, flat panel TV’s, high end hi-fi, and powerful professional audio. Some have been developed on a ”white label” contract basis for large semiconductor companies. Others have been developed under our own name. Through these projects, we have gained considerable experience with class D semiconductor development.

While there are many companies doing class D IC’s, for most of them, it is just a small segment of their business. They do IC’s for everything – washing machines, alarm clocks, calculators etc. Class D amps just happens to be one item in their portfolio. But ICEpower is different. We ONLY do class D amplifiers. Check out our different IC’s below.

Advantages of ICEpower Audio IC’s compared to discrete designs?

When designing amplifiers above 200W @ 4ohm, typically the approach will be a design with discrete MOSFET’s using gate driver IC’s. Although there are a few gate drivers available in the market intended for class D amplifier designs, most have originally been intended for use in motor drivers, and the audio features are typically quite limited. Thus, the modulator and feedback loops and functions such as thermal, overcurrent, overvoltage, protection, pop/click suppression, mute circuitry, input buffers, housekeeping and monitoring features, all needs to be implemented discretely.

Implementation and lower cost

Discrete implementations require a large and expensive engineering effort and is also expensive in terms of components. ICEpower’s IC’s integrate all audio related functions, resulting in a significantly higher integration level, a much simpler design effort and a lower BOM cost. Furthermore, we offer reference designs, application support and technical workshops by the team who developed the IC’s and design with them on a daily basis for our own standard amplifier power modules. The flexible platform approach means that it is possible to create amplifiers ranging from 25W to 7kW with the same IC’s.


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

If you are in need of or working on an audio solution, and you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.