Introducing the brand-new 200AS1 amplifier power module

Jul 25, 2018 Story

For those about to rock

ICEpower’s AS Series has got a brand-new member. Please welcome the 200AS1 amplifierpower module. This versatile and smartly designed amplifier module is based on the same principle as the 100AS but delivers double the power. The 200AS1 amplifier power module features an extremely capable fly back power supply with a rock-steady power supply of 300 W, combined with a 1x 200W class D amplifier.

Utilizing the same topology as the 100AS, the 200AS1 has the exact same input gain, mechanical dimensions, mounting hole pattern and connectors, as the 100AS1 and 100AS2. This makes it easy and convenient to create a series of products, using the same power platform.

The 200AS1 is uniquely designed for guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers and subwoofers without the need for forced cooling. You may ask: Why use a 300W power supply for a 200W amplifier? Often, with electrical guitars, there can be a large amount of effect processing applied to the guitar’s output. The signals fed to a guitar amplifier can be heavily distorted and compressed, resulting in very low crest factors. Furthermore, no one wants a fan in a guitar amp. For these two reasons, we have decided to design the 200AS1 with an “overbuilt” and extremely heavy-duty power supply and a convenient thermal cooling interface through the base plate, enabling it to handle even the most heavily distorted, clipped and compressed signals, without the need for a fan.

The 200AS1 amplifier power module is also a solid building block for professional studio monitors, 2-way active speakers, hifi amplifiers and installation amplifiers. If you are curious to learn more about the brand new 200AS1 amplifier power module, please visit our website www.icepower.dk. For more information please contact our sales team.

Contact info:
America – Paul Meister – PAM@icepower.dk
Europe – Mads Solgaard – SOL@icepower.dk
Asia – Masao Ogomori – MOG@icepower.dk