ICEpower inside: XTZ amplifier receives highest rating in 10 years

May 04, 2018 Story

Germany’s largest online-magazine, AREA DVD, gives the new EDGE A2-300 amplifier its highest rating in 10 years.

At ICEpower, we’re quite excited. XTZ is one of our clients, and their EDGE A2-300 is built on ICEpower’s 300AS1 and 300AS amplifier power modules. Here are some excerpts from the review:

  • “The powerhouse releases even more power… This enormous performance is realized by modern ICEpower technology.”
  • “The ICEpower-powered EDGE A2-300 easily outshines some “big” competitors in terms of performance”.
  • “There is still the common opinion that size and weight cannot be replaced by anything else, except through even more weight and even bigger components in even larger cabinets. But times are changing, as XTZ proves.”
  • “It appears noble, discreet and extremely compact.”
  • “Immediately the power is ready, and high levels do not deter the high-performance output stage. It creates club-ready levels in a way that’s unbelievably relaxed. No dips in the dynamics, no noise (…), stoically calm, the EDGE goes about its work.”

Read more about the XTZ A2-300 here: https://www.xtzsound.eu/product/edge-a2-300

Read the entire review here (in German): http://www.areadvd.de/tests/test-xtz-edge-a2-300-ultrakompakte-und-leistungsstarke-stereo-endstufe-fuer-weniger-als-500-eur/

For more info on ICEpower’s amplifier power modules: https://icepower.uncleserj.com/products/amplifier-power-modules/

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