AS Series

The AS Series consist of intelligent audio amplifier power solutions designed for highly competitive consumer and professional audio applications. The key distinguishing qualities of the modules in the AS Series are excellent audio performance, reliability, application convenience, flexibility, and a wide array of features.

ASX Series

Take audio reproduction to the next level with the ICEpower ASX Series. These ultra-compact, lightweight class D audio amplifiers with integrated power supplies are designed as highly competitive modules in terms of low cost and carefully chosen features. The four modules in the ASX Series can be combined as application building blocks to generate a wide variety of 1-8 channel audio applications in consumer or professional audio products.


ICEmatch is a highly flexible plug-and-play amplifier solution providing amazing sound quality and endless design freedom. It consists of two seperate amplifier and power supply modules. The ICEpower 400SM audio power supply and the powerful ICEpower 80AM2 amplifier.


ICEbricks are super compact Class D amplifier modules boosting some of the same characteristics as ICEpower’s other amplifier modules: High audio quality, low power loss, small size, robustness, flexibility, and long product life. They are capable of delivering 400 Wrms into 4 Ω or up to 300 Wrms into 8 Ω. ICEbricks are based on the Sierra modulation design, which allows for constant loop gain in the audio band while still maintaining a first order closed loop response.

A Series

The ICEpower A Series consists of three high-performance general-purpose class D amplifiers. Essentially the same as the amplifiers on the ASP modules, they are available in power variants of 250 W, 500 W and 1000 W.

ASP Series

Life on the road is tough. Also for gear. Public address speakers for live concerts are being punished by serious mechanical vibration and shock, while being trucked around, hand carried and dropped during concert setup and rigging.

ASC Series

The ASC Series includes features such as universal mains, ErP compliant standby and wake-on-signal. This makes it very convenient for consumer applications and guitar/bass amplifiers.

Power Supplies

Even the best sounding amplifier can seem lacking without a rock-solid power supply behind it. A sturdy power supply is the basis of any quality audio system. Without sustainable power, even the best sounding output sections can sound dull and weak.


ICEedge is a class D amplifier technology platform enabling higher power levels, better sound quality and reliability than other IC’s in the market. The flexibility and features of ICEedge enables designs from 50 W to 7 kW and from 1 to 20 channels. This makes it the ideal technology platform for applications ranging from high power, professional audio to delicate high-end consumer audio. In short, ICEedge is any amplifier designer’s dream.


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